Hello, I am Leroy A. Brown.

I never knew doing the sciences in high school, being President of the Spanish and Environmental Clubs, embarking on peace missions in the South American Amazon jungle, etc., would allow me to be more open to experiences, cultures, and develop the ability to solve problems. 


They have complemented my interest in learning how individuals and companies became rich and powerful.


Thus, it was no surprise that as early as fifteen (15) years old, I had been picking companies that would have a significant price appreciation on the stock market.


Most of my picks appreciated by at least one hundred percent (100%).


While working in manufacturing companies, I would identify how these companies could reduce costs and increase production. This has led to at least a twenty percent (20%) increase in revenue.


I entered the nonprofit and farming sectors after being in various industries, such as banking, automotive, and waste management.


I was instrumental in increasing the nonprofit’s volunteers and growing its revenue by over thirty percent (30%). 


While participating in developing regional organic standards, I led the start of a one hundred (100) acres organic farm operation that expanded into ecotourism. 


Leaving a developing country for a first-world country was just part of the journey. 


My curiosity and problem-solving skills continued.


I have several self-published books, including a best-seller, and a lawn care YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@lawncareandgardening8241 ), with almost 6 million organic views in over two (2) years.  


I have started other social media channels to help others.  


Having worked in retail, manufacturing, construction, landscaping, distribution, transportation, and nonprofit sectors, I am helping individuals and businesses to increase, maintain, and grow their money.


Additionally, I assist individuals to get and stay healthy while being mindful.


My biggest fans tell me I think too much, which is probably true. 


I usually think of ways to improve things or the next monetary opportunity.


You may discover more at https://leroyabrown.ca/discover-more.


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